Today Jio High Speed APN Setting

Today Jio High Speed APN Setting for jio users

Today Jio High Speed APN Setting
Today Jio High Speed APN Setting
Today Jio High Speed APN Setting

Welcome to My Latest Jio high speed APN Setting Article. This article of mine today is for all those Jio users who are worried about the speed of their Internet at this time. Through this article of today, I am going to tell you all the settings of Jio which after doing it will increase the internet speed in your mobile. So, let's start to get the complete information, this article is named today. Today Jio High Speed ​​APN Setting.

Today Jio High Speed APN Setting

As you all know, Lockdown is going on nowadays due to which everyone is sitting in their house. And the service that is being used the most in the house is the Internet. All people are spending their time using the internet. And when the internet is used more, then obviously it also makes a difference on its speed. And the speed difference depends on the company whose users are more.

Today Jio high speed apn setting

So the company that has the most users in our country is Jio. Jio is a company that has the most users. And only the user of Jio keeps on having trouble with internet speed. Internet Speed ​​was less of a problem before lockdown. But ever since the lockdown has taken place, everyone is facing speed problems. Through this article of today I will tell you all about such a setting. Using which your internet speed will be faster.

Before giving Jio High Speed ​​APN Setting information, I would like to tell you. That APN is the setting through which internet runs in our mobile. When you put Jio's SIM in your mobile, then the Internet settings of Jio automatically come in your mobile. Through which you can run internet. The same setting of Jio is in the mobile of every user around you. Because of which the speed of the internet becomes slow when there are more users.

If we make our own APN settings, then we can use internet at a faster speed. Because this setting will be different from those users. Who will be present around us. Internet speed will come in your mobile faster than them. If you do the settings given by me in your mobile. So let's see how we will setup jio high speed apn setting.

I am telling you some settings below that you have to make those settings in your mobile phone. You have to take care of one thing. The way I have written below. In the same way, you also have to write inside those features. That is, the word is big. You have to write it big. And the world is small, you only have to write it small.

If you want to run Jio's high speed internet in this lockdown, then you have to go to the setting of your mobile phone and click on the opsons with Network & Internet. After this you have to click on the mobile network. After this, select Sim with Jio and click on Advanced Opsons. At the bottom you will see Access Point Names, select it. After this, you will see + or add button at the top or bottom, click on it.

All Jio High Speed ​​APN Setting

Now the page of APN Setting opens in front of you. You only have to do the settings that I have told you below. And write in the same way as I have written to you.

Connection Name Codex 79B
Username VoLTE
MMS Port 79
Authentication Type Not set
APN Type default
APN Protocol IPv4/IPv6
Bearer LTE

After doing all these settings, you have to save it. You will get the option above to save this setting. After saving the setting, select this setting. And enjoy faster speed in your mobile than before. Keep in mind that this setting will only work for some time. You will also continue to bring similar Jio High Speed ​​APN setting for people. Stay connected with me in this way and wait for my upcoming posts.

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