Today Puja Path Tips in English

Puja Path Tips in English, today duniya Puja Path Tips in English.

Today Puja Path Tips in English
Today Puja Path Tips in English
Today Puja Path Tips in English

The tradition of building a temple in the house has been in place since old times. It is believed that due to the temple, there is positivity in the house. In this regard, it should be noted that there should not be any mess around the temple, worship should be done regularly in the morning and evening. According to Ujjain's astrologer, know some special things related to the temple of the house ...

Today Puja Path Tips in English

1. Do not keep too many big idols in the temple of the house. According to Shivpuran, a Shivling larger than the size of our thumb should not be kept in the temple. Shivalinga is very sensitive and this is the reason for keeping a small Shivalinga in the house temple. Statues of other deities should also be kept small.

2. Take care not to keep fragmentary idols in the temple. Any idol that is broken, must be removed from the temple. Fragmented idols are considered inauspicious for worship, but keep in mind that only Shivalinga is never considered to be fragmented under any circumstances, do not keep the idols of the remaining deities in the temple if broken.

3. A curtain should be put on the temple every night before sleeping. Just like we do not like any kind of hindrance while sleeping, the curtain should be covered on the temple in the same sense. So that there is no hindrance in God's rest.

4. If the person worshiping in the house faces towards the west, then it is very auspicious. For this the temple door should be towards the east. If this is not possible, then the person's mouth will be in the east while worshiping, even then the best fruits are obtained.

5. Build temples around the toilet should be avoided. The temple does not give auspicious results at such a place. Due to this, Vastu defects increase.

6. The temple in the house should be built in such a place, where the sunlight must reach for some time. Many defects of the house are calmed by sunlight and fresh air. Sunlight dissipates the negative energy of the atmosphere.

7. Pooja should be done at home in the morning and evening. Light a lamp in the temple. Ring the bell in worship. The sound of the bell and the light of the lamp destroy negativity.

8. Whenever the best Muhurta comes, then sprinkle cow urine in the temple and other rooms of the whole house. The sprinkling of cow urine retains purity and the atmosphere becomes positive.

9. Do not offer stale flowers, leaves in worship. Use only fresh and fresh water. Keep in mind that basil leaves and Ganges water are never considered rancid, they can be used anytime.

10. Things made of leather, shoes and slippers should not be taken at the place where the temple is built in the house.