How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode Tech Tips

How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode

How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode Tech Tips
How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode Tech Tips
How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode Tech Tips

Do you want to activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp. So today I'm going to give you this information. So that you can activate the dark mode in your mobile phone very comfortably.

How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode

Android Developers and Apple iOS Developers have been focusing heavily on Dark Mode for the past few occasions. This mode has many advantages but not one. For many users, this mode comes with a visual change, but let us know that Dark Mode is also good for your eyes. Also, this mode also works to save the phone's battery. Recently, Facebook Messenger, including Google Chrome and some other Google Apps, also added Dark Mode to their platform. Not only this, OnePlus has given Dark Mode just before its Android-based Oxygen OS, and its specialty is that it is Dark Mode system-wide i.e. it applies to whole system.

There is no doubt that this mode is preferred by a lot of users, so Google has given this mode system wide on their latest Android version Android Q. Now WhatsApp is going to add this mode. Let's tell you that WhatsApp has not made an official announcement at the moment, but you can still make your WhatsApp dark. Although this mode will currently only work for users, whose smartphone is the Least Android Q Beta OS. Let's know how to turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode in Android and iOS.

First Step: First of all go to 'Settings' of your smartphone and tap on 'Display' option inside it.

Second step: Now click on the 'Select Theme' tab and click on the dark option included here.

Third step: Now you have to go to the 'Developers Options' included below in your settings.

Note: If you do not have the Developers Options tab in the settings of your smartphone, you can activate it by clicking on the Build number included in About phone within Settings seven times. In doing so, an Extra tab of Developers Options will be included in Settings.

Step Four: Now go to Developers Options and click on 'Override force-dark'. By doing so you can apply Dark Mode to any Supporting app.
In doing so, Dark Mode will be activated in your WhatsApp, but White still inside the chat or the Background set by you will appear.

Fifth Step: To fully suit the dark mode, you can go to WhatsApp Settings and click on the 'Wallpaper' option and click on 'None'.

By doing this, your WhatsApp will work entirely on Dark Mode.

Now if you want to talk about the iOS iPhones to activate WhatsApp Dark Mode, your device must be on iOS 11 or above.

Activate Dark Mode on iOS
First Step: First go to the 'Settings' tab of your iPhone. Click on the 'Accessibility' tab included on the 'General' tab here.

Second step: Here you will see the 'Display Accommodations' option. Go inside this and click on the 'Invert Colors' option. Now you have to click on the 'Smart Invert' option here.

Doing this will apply the Dark Theme to all the apps on your iPhone.

Third Step: Now you have to follow the fifth step explained to Android and have to delete the background included in your WhatsApp. For this, you have to go to WhatsApp Settings and click on 'None' inside the 'Wallpaper' option available here.