How is Monday Fast? Monday Fast All Information

How is Monday Fast? Monday Fast All Information

How is Monday Fast? Monday Fast All Information
Monday Fast All Information
How is Monday Fast? Monday Fast All Information

How is Monday Fast?

Monday fast, Monday is dedicated to Bholebaba. And Monday's fast is done to appease Bhole Baba and to keep his blessings on the native and his family. Bholebaba is known by the names of devotees Mahesh, Jata Dhari, Shiva Bhagwan, Shankar, Mahadev, Tripurari, Himalayas, Bholenath, God of Gods, etc.

Monday Fast All InformationDevotees keep Monday fast in many ways. For example, some people observe five, eleven or sixteen Mondays. So some fast only on Mondays of Sawan, then there are others who do not even count the fast. Rather, they fast as long as they want. So there are some who keep the fast of Monday till the vow is not completed.

But every person has the same goal of observing the fast that they want to please Bhole Baba. Also Bholebaba can be fasted by any man, woman, virgin girls, single boys etc. But to get the fruits of this fast, it is most important, that by observing the fast in the right way and with the complete method of law, this fast should be done with full devotion and devotion. So come today, we are going to tell you about how Monday fast is done.

How to fast on monday
It is important to take care of the entire rules to keep the fast of Monday. So that there is no mistake in the fast. And you can get help in making the fast a success. So let us now know in detail what things to keep in mind when observing Monday fast.

What to do first?
On the day of the fast, get up before sunrise in the morning. After daily routine, take a bath with clear water. If possible, add some black sesame seeds to the water. Do wash your head. Wear clean and clean clothes. And start preparing for worship.

Monday Fast All Information
Make dough offerings on Monday fast. For this take wheat flour and fry it in ghee. After roasting in ghee, add bad or sugar to roasted flour. Then add banana or any other fruit to this prasad. Now divide this Prasad into three parts.

Now take water in a pot.

  1. Take bell leaf, incense, lamp, white flowers, fruits, raw milk, sandalwood, etc.
  2. After that, go to the temple and offer water to the Shivling.
  3. Offer raw milk, vine paper, white flowers, fruits, Shivling.
  4. Apply sandalwood tilak Then fold your hands and tell Bhole Baba your heart's desire.
  5. Worship the Shiva family.
  6. And pray for his grace to remain with you and your family.
  7. After that, if you want, you can sit and do the story.
  8. Or go to the temple after narrating from your home.
  9. Then perform Bholebaba Aarti by burning incense, lamps.

Finally do it
Now offer a portion of Prasad to Bhole Baba in the temple. Distribute a portion to the temple. Distribute a portion around your house, keep the prasad for yourself as well.

Monday Fast - Fast food
Monday fast is for three hours. That is why in the evening you can eat food. You can also take only fruit. Apart from this, salt should not be consumed on Monday fast. Some people eat snacks on Monday fast. But if you can, avoid doing this.

Rules for fasting on monday fast

  • Start observing Monday fast in Shukla Paksha.
  • Get up in the morning and wash your bath and get ready.
  • Wear clean and clean clothes.
  • Worship with complete law.
  • Do not harm anyone.
  • Neither do anything bad nor let it happen to anyone.
  • Do not kill.
  • Do not cut trees.
  • Follow celibacy on fasting.
  • Keep away from mass wines.
  • Do charity work.

Benefits of fasting on monday

Keeping a fast of Monday fulfills all the desires of a person. But this happens only when this fast is kept with full devotion and reverence. So let's now know what are the benefits of observing Monday fast.

  • Financial troubles are eliminated.
  • You get the desired life partner.
  • There is no fear of the enemy.
  • Family happiness and peace prevail.
  • You get success in work.
  • Stopped works are successful.
  • Honor in the society increases.
  • Get rid of disease
  • Children get happiness.

So this is the complete information related to Monday fast, and the benefits of keeping Monday fast. So if you also want to keep the fast for Monday, then according to the method you can keep this fast.

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